Interesting Speech Topics for Grade 7

1.         Cleaning My Cage
2.         My Annoying Baby Sister
3.         The Day A Lion Got Me In Trouble
4.         Help! I’m Trapped In My Kitty Kat’s Body
5.         My Trip to the Big Apple
6.         My Special Talent
7.         Going to 6th Grade
8.         What Makes A Legal Pad Legal
9.         Jackie Robinson
10.       My Life As A Greek American
11.       Don’t Be A Fool/Stay In School
12.       Cellar Airheads
13.       Models of America
14.       My Most Embarrassing Moment
15.       The Six Foot Hamburger
16.       Shorty
17.       Parents
18.       Best Friends Forever
19.       Turkey
20.       Why I’m Glad I’m Not an Oscar Mayer Weiner
21.       My Weird Family
22.       Missing: My Teeth
23.       My First Pet
24.       Oh No, Rusty’s at it Again!
25.       Onion Soup
26.       Good-bye Grandpa
27.       The Christmas Crisis
28.       When Parents Play Games
29.       Taking A Walk On the Ocean Floor
30.       What It is Like To Have a Mom That’s a Teacher
31.       Kids vs. Grown Ups
32.       “B” is for Brothers, “S” is for Sisters
33.       Africa
34.       What...What Did You Say?
35.       Why Do Parents Always Make Excuses?
36.       My Invention
38.       Kenya
39.       My Mom and the Wheel of Fortune

40.       It’s Not Easy Being Me


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